Love that neighborhood you’re in? Love the inside of your home, but can’t stand all the cracks on the exterior and water intrusion from your old, warn outdated exterior siding? Or do you just want to provide your home with an updated facelift?  Complete home stucco recoats and renovations are what we do best!  Whether you have a systemic issue with your wall system, water intrusion, storm damage, or just do not like the way your home looks and want to change the appearance; Stucco Renovations is the company to call. We take the time to find the root of the issue and eradicate the problem from the cause, not just cover up the damage. We use a wide variety of products and procedures combined with our expertise to provide with you with the correct solution for your exterior coating needs.


Do you have leaky parapets? Is your stucco “bubbling” and looking like it is going to fall off? Has the metal at base of your stucco system rusted away? These things happen due to a number of causes but mostly because of poorly installed stucco. We have provided countless repairs of this nature and have pretty much seen it all. Sometimes it is as simple as cutting a joint in a stressed area or as difficult as removing the stucco down to the studs and properly installing new lath, stucco, and possibly some water-resisting products as well.


Are you restoring a beautiful Bungalow in Encanto Park? How about a retro craftsman style home in Arcadia or historic Tempe?  Southwest Territorial or Contemporary Southwest?  Stucco Renovations of Arizona is certified by the Arizona Historical Society to be able help bring that beautiful home back to its original glory!

New Construction:

Stucco Renovations of Arizona also provides stucco and EIFS systems on new construction projects. We work directly with the contractors, architects, and/or home or building owners to help make the project go as smoothly and timely as possible while maintaining our extremely high standards for quality. We provide systems for both residential and commercial projects.


If you are adding on to your existing home it is very important to most home owners that you can’t tell where the old house ends and the new addition begins. This is where our highly skilled applicators’ extensive background in this type of work comes in. “Blending” textures to match the existing finish is very difficult to do, unless you know what you are doing. Our applicators have been doing this work with us for over 10 years. Matching the existing texture as well as making sure that the old blends in with the new is a detail a lot of other companies will miss, but not us. Although, there are always exceptions to the rules, we will do our best to make your experience is as unobtrusive as possible.


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